Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds on any treatment received or products used however if you change your mind about your purchase or treatment within seven days and no sessions have been redeemed, we are happy to exchange for another treatment or product with a credit note. If for any medical reason your advice is to not continue with your course of treatments, please obtain a medical report from your doctor and the unredeemed sessions will be refunded. Results are not guaranteed and refunds are not given on treatments.

Cancellation Policy

A charge will be applied for non-attendance of an appointment without 48 hours’ notice, if you give 48 hours’ notice no penalty will be incurred. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment or do not turn up for a booked appointment then you will lose that booking. The Laser and Skin Group will send a free courtesy reminder text at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, this is not a reminder of your 48-hour cancellation or reschedule period.

Shaving Policy

Please have the relevant areas shaved prior to treatment or additional charges will apply. We require you to shave all areas to be treated with laser prior to your appointment for your health and safety and to ensure that you can be treated within the allocated time slot. Please note shaven services are available however you need to book a 30-minute appointment one or two days before your laser treatment or at time of booking, at a charge of £25. For laser treatments please shave before the day of your treatment. If you shave on the same day as your booking it may be less comfortable and effective.

Payment Policy

Correct payment must be received before treatment commences. If you refuse to pay in advance, we have the right to refuse to treat you. Instalments must be paid at correct intervals which is 50% on your consultation and first treatment, 25% on your second treatment and 25% on your third treatment. A two-part instalment can only be applied for treatments over £500 and a three-part instalment option is applicable if the treatment course is over £1000. If undertaking a finance option, a deposit of 20% must be taken prior to commencement of treatment.

Make-up Policy

Please be advised make-up, deodorant, perfume and oil-based products must be removed before treatment. Practitioners will cleanse the area however we cannot be held responsible for all of the above products that may lay dormant in the skin pores.