This safe and effective anti-aging treatment uses a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin and give you smoother, fuller features. By filling lines and wrinkles around your lips, cheeks, chin, eyes and jaw, dermal fillers add youthful volume to your face.

Unlike permanent cosmetic procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers use a biodegradable substance that disappears slowly over time. This means you can adapt the treatment as you continue to age, ensuring a consistently natural appearance.

All dermal filler procedures are carried out by experienced doctors with appropriate products and equipment to maximise results of your treatment.

How it works

To prepare you for dermal fillers, your doctor begins by cleansing your face with an antibacterial agent. Then, they apply anaesthetic cream into the area you’ve chosen to fill to protect you from discomfort.

Using a specialised needle, your doctor injects the dermal filler into your skin. This only takes a few seconds for each injection site. After removing the needle, they gently massage the area to ensure a satisfactory result.

Once the treatment is finished, your face is cleansed once again.

Treatment Time

Please allow 30-45 minutes for your dermal filler treatment.

Recovery and Possible side-effects

You might experience mild tenderness of bruising at the site of injection. This should pass without issue within 48 hours.

We recommend that you don’t wear make-up immediately after dermal fillers, and that you avoid alcohol, coffee and direct sunlight for 48 hours.


Once any bruising or tenderness has passed, you’ll instantly experience noticeably healthier and younger-looking skin that takes years off your face. These anti-aging effects can last for 6-9 months, and top-up treatments are available to enjoy the greatest possible effects.


Dermal filler treatments start from £250.