Dr Shrammek facial therapies and peels
Classic Peel

A mixture of natural ingredients, formulated to treat blemished skin, scarring, pigmented skin and fine lines. The peel is massaged into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation; this will trigger the skin to peel within 72-96 hours after treatment. You will be required to continue to treat and maintain the skin using the accompanying Dr Shrammek home care kit. Results will be visible within the first few days after treatment, revealing brighter, clearer, and even skin.

Mela white green peel

This facial therapy from the Dr Shrammek range uses a formulated blend of natural ingredients, herbs and lightening solution to target pigmentation, discolouration, and uneven skin tone. The active solution helps to stimulate the de-pigmentation process, exfoliate the surface of the skin and lighten the skin tone. Achievevisibly lighter and brighter skin tone fast with this incredible peel.