This body contouring treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive and can target larger areas of harder fat on the body. It utilises ultrasonic waves (vibrations) to disrupt the fat cells within the fat tissue, causing the lipids (fat) inside the cells to leak. These are then burnt off as calories or flushed through the lymphatic system.

Suitability for treatment

We advise clients seeking to tackle those harder and larger areas of fat, to have a course of cavitation to work through the fatty tissues one session at a time. This treatment is ideal for breaking down fat in the stomach, thigh (inner and outer) and hips areas, providing you with a smoother, more even shape.

How often will i require treatment?

You will be required to attend approximately 4 to 5 sessions one week apart and will be offered dietary advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water will be of upmost importance, to help flush out the lipids.

What can i expect at my first consultation?

The practitioner will take some time to inspect the areas you hope to be treated, take some measurements and photos. As we hope that this transformation is a long-term strategy, you will also be offered dietary advice and have a bespoke plan of treatments prepared for you. In some cases, you may be advised to combine the Cavitation treatment with Cryolipolysis for even more effective results.

What can i expect at my treatment?

Our practitioner will review your medical history and consultation notes before beginning the treatment. They will apply a layer of ultrasound jelly over the areas to me treated, and with the handle begin to massage them. You will be required to lay in position for up to 1 hour. We advise all clients to leave sufficient time before and after treatments for additional photos, record updating and time to simply allow yourself to settle. We hope to make this body transformation as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.