What is Milia?

Milia are small white or yellowish bumps of around 1-2mm in diameter that appear on the skin. Inside the milia is a build-up of oil and keratin, a naturally occurring skin protein. You’ll usually find them in areas where the skin is particularly dry, like around the eyes, cheeks or nose.

If milia are appearing on your skin, you don’t need to panic. These little cysts are completely harmless, and don’t suggest a bigger medical problem.

However, many people find their milia unsightly, and want to have removal treatment for clear, smooth and beautiful skin. Our practitioners perform milia removal as part of several other facial treatments, which you’ll find below.

Milia Removal
Are milia the same as whiteheads?

People often mistake milia for whiteheads, as the two can look very similar. But where whiteheads are caused by clogged pores and are often accompanied by redness or inflammation, milia aren’t.

Also, while whiteheads are soft enough to pop, milia are hard and feel gritty under the skin. In fact, milia can’t be popped at all, and trying to do so will just cause damage to your skin.

Where do milia come from?

Milia are mainly caused when the natural shedding of your skin slows down. This might be due to an overuse of heavy or greasy products, or simply because your skin is ageing.

If you’re finding a lot of milia or other blemishes on your skin, you might need to change your skincare routine. Our caring practitioners are available to offer advice and prepare a personalised home care plan, so get in touch when you need help.

How does milia removal treatment work?

We remove milia using a specialised sterile microlance extracting tool. By making a tiny, barely noticeable incision, our practitioners can remove the oil and keratin within the milia, causing it to disappear. This treatment is very safe, and causes no visible damage or scarring to your skin.

Milia removal is often performed as part of our deep cleansing, IMAGE or microdermabrasion facials. To arrange your milia removal treatment, book your free consultation today.