What is Milia?

Milia are the build-up of keratin and oil beneath the skin, resulting in blocked follicles and superficial white bumps. These are not harmful, but can be unsightly and tricky to remove. It is important to remember that while milia appear similar to whiteheads they will not ‘pop’ quite as easily, and tend to appear around drier areas of the face (such as around the eyes).

Where did they come from?

Caused by a build-up of oils and dead skin cells, the main contributor to this blemish build up is slow desquamation (natural skin shedding). Please let us know if you require any further advice on skin care routines, and our practitioners will be able to devise a home care plan for you.

Which treatments will I need to have?

Using the specialised microlance extracting tool, these stubborn bumps can be safely and swiftly removed by the hands of our caring practitioners; an extraction that is often performed as part of our Deep Cleansing, IMAGE, and Microdermabrasion facials.