Pressotherapy is a specialised detox massage that uses air pressure to stimulate your lymphatic system – a network of vessels that supports your immune system. This drains toxins, fats and liquids trapped inside your body, making it a particularly effective treatment for muscle pain and water retention. It also encourages fat loss and helps remove unsightly cellulite to give you confidence in your body.

For a treatment that’s specifically tailored to cellulite removal, please get in touch so that our cellulite removal experts can design a personalised treatment. Or, if your goal is to reduce body fat, consider using pressotherapy in combination with our fat freezing treatments to see the best possible results.

How does pressotherapy work?

Pressotherapy uses a full-body massage suit that can inflate or deflate in different areas using air pressure. The suit rhythmically compresses and decompresses to gently squeeze different parts of your body. This painless treatment is conducted under the supervision of our beauty experts, and afterwards you can return to your normal activities right away.

Benefits of pressotherapy

Lymphatic massage drainage is an exceptional treatment for anyone who wants to define their muscle tone or address discomfort in their legs, abdomen or arms. It helps you to:

  • Relieve swollen legs and tired limbs by improving circulation
  • Encourage cellulite removal by draining toxins, fats and liquids
  • Stimulate your immune system to raise defence against illness
  • Strengthen connective muscles tissues to reduce pain
  • Lower blood pressure and improve tissue regeneration

Treatment time

Please allow between 30-45 minutes for your Pressotherapy lymphatic massage drainage treatment.