As an extension of our Microneedling treatment, the radio frequency addition helps to penetrate the skin and focus heat into the dermis, to maximise the trigger for collagen and elastin production. As the point of the needle pierces the skin, it will emit these radio frequency waves into the channels causing further damage yet enhancing the efficacy of the treatment.

Suitability for treatment

Practitioners will cleanse and inspect the areas to be treated and take ‘before’ photos for our records. You may be asked to prepare your skin before treatment, either by applying or avoiding certain skin care (including topical products). This treatment cannot be performed on individuals with active skin conditions (temporary or long-term), pregnant or breast-feeding women. Please ensure to report any of the above conditions at initial consultation and on your repeat-treatment form.

Treatment time

Treatments last between 45- 60 minutes with recommended intervals of four to six weeks. This treatment can be safely used on all skin types and on any part of the body.

Recovery time & possible side effects

Recovery varies from person to person, depending on the density of needles and condition of the skin. For 24-48 hours, the skin may appear red or pink, therefore we advise clients to refrain from using any hot water or product on the areas treated for this time. Occasionally clients may experience minor bleeding or bruising.

Results & maintenance

This treatment aims to stimulate the self-repair of the skin, therefore resulting in a smooth and even skin complexion. Post-treatment, we advise all clients to make use of hyaluronic acid or stem cell complex retinol serum for hydration and SPF 50 for protection against sun exposure.