See your own bespoke skin care improvement report with your skin expert

At Laser and Skin Group we believe the best approach to managing skin, no matter what your concern, is to start with a full examination of the skin. Many of our skin conditions originate from deeper skin layers and as a result they are difficult to diagnose with the human eye.

Our Skin Experts are able to see underlying causes of skin concerns with our breakthrough skin analysis technology, offering Skin Diagnostics at its best!.

Skin Analysis System

How does Our Skin Analysis System work?

Our skin analysis device is the world’s most advanced skin detection equipment together with shooting, analysing, displaying 3 in 1.

It adopts RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis, 12 years market testing, 30 million clinical databases, achieving 15 seconds efficient skin analysis.

The Diagnostic device takes 3 images of your skin with specialised lamps, which are then transferred to an ipad for analysis. The images show through layers of the skin and help identifying underlying issues which are causing skin to look less than perfect, and to pick up issues which can have a negative effect on skins appearance and aging in the future.

What can be identified with the Skin Analysis?

Using our technology our aesthetic practitioners will be able to clearly see areas of:

– Skin dehydration

– Congestion and clogged pores

– Poor circulation

– Wrinkle formation and fine line emergence

– Vascular conditions

– Loss of collagen

By accurately diagnosing issues beneath the skin, our experts are able to provide detailed advice and bespoke treatments, targeting the real causes of aging, acne, pigmentation or dull and tired skin.

Skin Analysis System 2

Record Your Skin’s Journey

When our clients undertake a treatment program with us, tracking changes with our skin analysis device allows us to show the very real results achieved by our treatments. The images can demonstrate the efficacy of treatment, and act as clinical reference photos.

We recommend a detailed skin scan and analysis to all clients wanting to improve their skin and see changes over time

Your 30 minute skin analysis priced at £30 will show you a total 12 dermis and epidermis skin problems achieving 15 a detailed an efficient skin analysis.

Such as: spot, pore, moisture, texture, and wrinkle. According to the test results we will recommend products and treatments for a customised skin management program and predicting the trend of future skin 3-5 years. Your overall skin health age will be determined and an associated plan will be given.

Visual Analysis Report

Visual Analysis Report

RGB Pore: represents current big pores on surface skin, which is bigger than normal size pore over diameter 0.02-0.05 mm.

RGB Spot: represents current spot which color is darker than normal skin color and with round or irregular round shape on surface skin.

RGB Wrinkle: represents current wrinkle condition as well as area which is not smooth and not flat, the higher the percentage, the better of wrinkle condition.

PL Texture: represents current skin texture develop trend, predict future wrinkles trend.

UV Porphyrin: represents current dermis layer grease secretion and blackhead distribution.

UV Pigmentation: represents current dermis pigmentation which predicts future surface spot and some serious area already appear on surface, the darker the worse, and need more attention.

UV Moisture: represents skin moisture status in dermis.

Sensitive Area: represents skin sensitive state which is easy to have allergy when season changes or use any cosmetics with excess heavy metal material.

Brown Area: represents skin metabolism condition, for some people they need longer time to recover from therapy like laser treatment, because their skin metabolism is not good, from brown spot we can see those areas.

UV Damage: represents spot in deep skin which caused by long term sun exposure, seldom use sun screen and get sunburned damage, finally leave serious pigmentation in the deep.

Skin Aging: represents predication of skin status in next 3-5 years which you do not accept or enhance any skin care treatments or therapies for current skin problems.

Skin Beautifying: represents predication of skin beautifying status in next 3-5 years which you have been paying more attention to do professional skin care treatments for current skin problems.

Detailed Skin Analysis cost £30