Thanks to advancements in non-surgical aesthetic treatments or ‘tweakments’ as they are more often known as, we can now improve skin texture, eliminate dark circles, define the cheekbones and erase wrinkles with procedures that are less costly, time consuming and invasive than cosmetic surgery.

At Laser and Skin Group, we have rigorously selected the safest, most effective and reliable aesthetic treatments that will leave you looking freshand youthful but never ‘done’.

Do you feel that your face needs more help than you can give it through the use of skincare and a sensible diet, perhaps you’re just curious about tweakments oryou may have been considering getting something done for a while.

Read on to find out which treatments might be right for you.


If you’re bothered by the horizontal lines across the forehead, frown lines or crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkle relaxing injections of Botox or Botulinum Toxin Type A (the drug’s proper name) is your best option. Botulinum Toxin type A is a neurotoxin, which sounds scary but is perfectly safe. When injected into the muscle, it can no longer contract which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften, while discouraging new ones from forming.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, the results will appear three to four days after the session and can last for up to six months. The treatment is comfortable – it feels like tiny pinpricks and you can resume your daily activities straight after.


Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid gel, which is injected to various parts of the face to restore lost volume, reshape and add structure. We can use dermal fillers to balance up asymmetry all over the face, to replace lost volume in the cheeks and lips, to add definition to the jawline, fix a bumpy nose and fill the under eye hollows (tear troughs).

Depending on the area being treated, you may need to use an an aesthetic cream and the dermal filler session can take between 30 minutes to an hour. Results are terrific, you will see a difference immediately and the filler will last between six to 18 months, before it is broken down by the body. It is not uncommon for some minor bruising or redness to occur after the procedure, but this can usually be disguised with make-up.


Acne scars and pesky pigmentation are difficult to treat at home. If brown spots or freckles are a problem, a peel is a relatively swift and effective treatment that uses acids such as glycolic, salicylic or retinol to lift off old dead skin cells and soften pigmentation and scars by speeding up cell turnover.

If you have stubborn pigmentation, our FDA-approved laser device uses targeted light beams to break up clusters of pigment under the skin.

Scars can be treated with microneedling, which is an effective option for skin regeneration. It involves the face being anaesthetised with numbing cream before a small roller, instilled with stainless steel spikes is passed over the face. This creates thousands of puncture wounds. As these wounds heal, growth factors, collagen and elastin are released, which results in fresher, smoother and firmer skin. The treatment can feel uncomfortable and your skin may be red and sore for a few days after, but skin texture and scarring will be significantly improved.


Our skin can appear rougher, drier and more crepey as we age. Skincare can be a huge help, as when we hydrate the skin cells with moisture, it can diffuse fine lines and make the complexion appear smoother (we stock a range of medical grade skincare, give us a call for a consultation). However, if your skincare products are just not cutting it, there are ways that you can give your complexion back its radiance and vitality.

3D-HydrO2 is a high-tech facial with celebrity fans including Danielle Lloyd and Billie Faiers, – it is guaranteed to leave your skin smoother and softer. This facial feels incredibly pleasant and can be tailored to your skin’s needs. It utilises seven technologies, including: hydro peel to deep cleanse; oxygenation to hydrate; ultrasound to soften fine lines; electroporation for lifting plus radio frequency and cryotherapy to tighten.

Aesthetic doctors are raving about Profhilo® – an injectable moisturiser that contains un-crosslinked hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin from within, while stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. Profhilo® is injected into five key points on either side of the face where it spreads beneath the dermis,forming a water-binding layer to give the skin a dewy glow and plumping effect. The treatment is comfortable, and there is no recovery time – just tinybumps on the injection sites for 24 hours.

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