Laser hair removal is a rapid and gentle way to remove unwanted hair. If your confidence is being limited by excessive or unsightly body or facial hair, laser hair removal is a medically proven way to remove it – permanently. Where other hair removal methods can be painful, difficult, costly, or inconvenient, the results of laser hair removal will last forever.

The combination of expert knowledge and advanced technology allows The Laser and Skin Group to deliver successful, permanent hair reduction regardless of your skin tone, or hair type. We all have the right to love it or loathe it, and if getting rid of your hairs would boost your confidence, laser hair removal may be the option for you.


Tailored to your needs


Every client’s hair removal treatment will be tailored to fit their requirements. You might be looking to remove smaller areas of hair like on the face, armpits or bikini line, or larger areas, such as on the back. Equally, our practitioners are well practised in treating all skin tones and types, including dark and Asian skin, transgender clients, and individuals suffering from hirsutism from PCOS (polycystic ovaries).


How to prepare for laser hair removal


Make sure to follow these six steps in the run-up and just prior to your laser hair removal appointment:


  • Stop plucking and waxing

Yes, you need to stop removing the hair follicle, as this is what the laser targets. Do not pluck for 4-6 prior to your appointment.

  • Shave the area

Unlike plucking and waxing, you should shave 24-48 hours before your appointment. This is because you want to minimise the amount of visible hair above the surface, to diminish any problems with burns. The laser can still easily target the pigment in the follicle’s root. 

  • Stay out of the sun

Avoid sun exposure for two weeks before your treatment. As well as sunbathing and tanning beds, this includes using self-tan, as using them prior to your treatment can result in discolouration of the skin. Minor sunburn can result in excessive pain and blistering, so it’s important to cover up with daily SPF and stay in the shade.

  • Stop using hair bleaching products

Because the laser works by targeting pigmentation in the follicle, you need to avoid bleaching products which cause the follicle to bleach white. Stop using such products six weeks before treatment.

  • Check your medications

Make sure you make your practitioner aware of any medications you use, whether taken orally or applied to the skin. Some ingredients can make the treatment less effective, whilst others can make the skin sensitive and susceptible to blistering. Antibiotics, medicines which increase photosensitivity, birth control, and acne medications should be particularly disclosed. You likely won’t have to stop taking most of these medications in order to proceed with treatment, but your practitioner may adjust the treatment accordingly. 

  •  Remove any topical ointments and creams

That includes everything from deodorant to skin cream to makeup. Make sure you remove all of these products prior to treatment – with water. If you use makeup remover, make sure to follow with a water rinse to remove all of the product residue.


How the laser works


Using precisely controlled pulses of energy, laser hair removal targets the melanin, or pigment, in the root of the hair. Once it reaches active hair follicles, they absorb the energy, heating the hair right down to the root and safely destroying it – all without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin. Hair growth occurs in cycles, so a series of treatments are needed in order to make sure you eliminate all hairs, reducing the overall growth each time. We advise a consistent treatment of every four weeks for facial hair, and for body hair every six weeks. 


What to expect during treatment


First, your practitioner will prepare the skin, clearly and precisely marking the area for treatment. They will then pick up the machine’s handpiece, move it over your treatment area and activate it. You’re unlikely to feel any pain, although some clients report a mild stinging sensation – similar to the feeling of an elastic band pinging on the skin. You’ll be given protective eyewear to wear throughout treatment.

The laser we use is a Cynosure Elite + Laser, medical grade technology which combines two lasers with gold-standard wavelengths – the 755 nm Alexandrite laser for light skin and the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for dark and Asian skin. Not only does this new technology target unwanted hair, but it can also treat unwanted leg veins, diffuse redness, lessen pigmented lesions and assist in treating a variety of other skin ailments. This FDA-approved tech also removes even the finest hairs, which are usually missed by other machines. Almost pain-free, the system utilises a cooling solution throughout to make the treatment as relaxing and comfortable as possible. It also minimises the possibility of hyper-pigmentation – a potential side-effect from many laser hair removal machines.


How long will laser hair removal take?


Your treatment time can vary from anything as little as fifteen minutes up to forty-five minutes. Full body laser hair removal lasts up to ninety minutes.


What should I expect immediately after laser hair removal treatment?


Your practitioner will apply aloe vera gel immediately after treatment, to cool the skin. The redness you may see following treatment will soon disappear, and you’ll notice the result almost immediately – from your first treatment session. Keep your aloe vera gel in the fridge at home, and continue to apply for a few days after treatment, to cool the skin and allow all redness and inflammation at the site of treatment to subside. Use SPF 50 in the short term after treatment. 


How to recover from laser hair removal treatment


No real recovery is likely to be required following your treatment, although you will need to avoid sun exposure (including sunbeds), and exercise, for at least 24 hours in order to avoid irritation. The temporary reddening of the skin that you may suffer, and the feeling of heat, will subside quickly.


What are the results of laser hair removal?


A full course of treatment, undertaken as advised, over consistent intervals, will result in a permanent reduction in hair growth. For maintenance, you may need to undertake yearly top-up sessions.

Now you know what happens during a laser hair removal treatment, get in touch with The Laser Skin Group today to find out more and book your session.